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Betterbilt Chemical is first and foremost a technology driven, research and development company.  Clients approach Betterbilt Chemical with demanding, challenging and complicated problems that need to be solved chemically.  Our laboratory is equipped with infrastructure to analyze materials and stability, we have in-house incubation chambers for microbiological testing and Weatherometer, QUV and Salt Fog machines to test coating and material performance.

We are strategically positioned and acutely connected with global raw material suppliers with research capabilities to find niche and unique relevant technologies. We efficiently develop, test and commercialize fascinating formulas to help you reach your goals. Betterbilt's technical capabilities range from chemists having 15-40 years experience and research and development contracts and joint ventures with universities in Canada, US and Mexico. When a project is undertaken an initial assessment is done based on these three criteria:

Desired Chemical Performance
Environmental Requirements
Cost Analysis

First, a Global Research Initiative is done to scout out all potential raw materials. We then take each of the raw materials found and begin the final selection process, which is based on the aforementioned three criteria. Once the raw materials have been selected they are then taken "in house" and the laboratory begins the formulation process. We always provide our clients with as many possible finished product samples for them to analyze and test with our Research Staff to maximize their overall product goals.


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