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Anti-Fouling - Anti-Stick - Anti-Barnacle - Anti-Zebra Muscle - Anti-Mold - Anti-Fungal

Ship Hull & Marine Coatings

SEI's leading-edge anti-stick coating technology and dehydrating EPA registered antimicrobials make this line of Marine Coatings the highest performing anti-fouling technology on the market today. From ultra fast sail ships to slow moving barges SEI's Marine Coatings will save you time, fuel, labor, money and aggravation.


These highly fluorinated nanotechnological coatings exhibit tremendous abrasion and impact resistance and are virtually self cleaning.


CAUTION - California Compliancy:

Certain coating and chemical products meet AQMD rule 1113 Architectural Coatings, Rule 1107 Coating of Metal Parts and Products and Rule 1145 Plastic, Rubber, Leather and Glass Coatings.  It is the consumer’s responsibility to know what regulation is applicable on a product and geographic basis. If you are not sure please contact customer service.  See Company Polices.


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