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Resins - Coatings - Additives - Self Cross-linking

SEI Resin Technology

SEI's resin technology changes the landscape for today's industrial and consumer coatings. Two component solvent based coatings are utilized to achieve high-end performance characteristics such as longevity, chemical, moisture, abrasion and impact resistance. However, they come with their own set of problems like environmental issues, flammability, shipping, storage and handling constraints, multi-day curing times, carcinogenic and/or hazardous materials, VOC's and potential resin oxidation or yellowing over time.  SEI has developed a proprietary migrational nano-technological resins that uses the dehydration process during a coatings curing cycle to self crosslink. This unique technology is very different than moisture cure or block isocyanate products as our resins are moisture insensitive. SEI's resins allow the OEM, industrial, architectural and consumer markets world class performance that rivals any two component resin system.

  • Water and solvent based, self cross-linking and fast curing
  • VOC, AQMD Compliant and Environmentally Safe
  • Corrosion, abrasion and chemically resistant

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