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SEI Form Release is a zero VOC, no odor, oil-free, no-combustion form release. This product is a non-staining and is a clear water-based form release agent that provides exceptional release properties while protecting the environment and the workers who apply the product.

Recommended for aluminum, metal, wood forms and is the product of choice for Plastic Form Liners. Since the product does not contain any oils or waxes, GCC-100 is non-staining to the concrete and can be top-coated without concern for compatibility. When applied by sprayer, brush or roller, the product forms a film on the surface that covers 100% of the exposed form area. 100% coverage is the GCC-100 advantage by providing uniform release that avoids heavy build-up and uncovered areas. GCC-100 will not crater, bead, run or sag on vertical applications. Residual concrete dust can be wiped off with a rag or water washed to a clean surface. This reduction in heavy build-up reduces form preparation between uses, increasing the forms useful life and decreases labor and maintenance costs. GCC-100 is quick drying, non-staining and leaves no residue or film on the concrete. Ideal for use on aluminum, pre-cast forms, plywood, lumber, steel, rubber, plastics and treated paper. No surface preparation is required for subsequent coatings or treatments of concrete formed with GCC-100.


  • Protects environment and workers
  • Non-staining
  • Quick drying
  • No separation, typical of traditional emulsion releases
  • Excellent release performance for aluminum, metal and plywood forms
  • Will not deteriorate or damage surface
  • Minimum labor - just spray, brush, roll or dip forms
  • Reduces surface preparation and painting costs
  • Extensively quality controlled to ensure certified
  • performance
  • VOC and AQMD Compliant

Form Release Data Sheet

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