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Coupling Agents - Bridging Organics & Inorganics

SEI Coupling Agent Technology

 SCT Coupling Agent Technology is a tremendous break through that allows formulators, coatings and chemical manufacturers true compatibility between inorganic and organic materials. SCT Coupling Agents act as bridges that promote compatibility and form robust and stable bonds between incompatible materials.  These products react with free protons at the inorganic interface resulting in  monomolecular layers on the inorganic surface.  Once this reaction takes place a cohesive matrix is formed that offers high-end and log-term performance. 

  • Greatly increases adhesion and longevity
  • Improves impact and abrasion strength
  • Improves mechanical properties 
  • Reduces embrittlement
  • Allows a higher filler loading.
  • Optimizes particulate dispersion
  • Increases the flow of filled and unfilled polymers at lower process temperatures
  • Prevents phase separation.

SCT may have up to six functions in the matrix, which include polymer catalysis and other heteroatom effects – independent of inorganic content.  SCT treated inorganics are hydrophobic, organophilic, and organofunctional. Fillers may be pretreated or treated in situ absent water of condensation and drying techniques as needed with silanes.



  • Bond inorganics to organic materials
  • Provide amino thermoset reactivity
  • Dispersion aid and physical property enhancer for use on the hardener side of nitrogen based epoxy curatives
  • Catalyst for phenolic resin manufacture
  • Urethane catalyst – twenty-two times faster than DBTDL in 2-component urethanes
  • TiO2/Zn Molybdate/silicone-alkyd marine deck coatings
  • Increased tensile and flexibility of CaCO3 filled flexible PVC
  • Chemical reactivity for property enhancement of halogenated polymers
  • Adhesion promoter for epoxy, acrylic and urethane coatings
  • Increased properties of Kevlar (aramid) reinforced, amide and anhydride cured epoxies Increased conductivity of metal powder filled polymers; etc.

Contact SEI today to find out how we can help your products bond to any substrate.


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