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Restroom Cleaning Towels




Clean hard surfaces, deodorize restrooms and eliminate odors at their source with SEI Restroom Cleaning Towels. Each towel is moistened with a powerful cleaning formula that includes special waste-digesting bacteria. Wiping down surfaces with a single SEI Restroom Cleaning Towel immediately removes hard-water stains, scale, uric acid deposits and other soils commonly found on restroom surfaces. As the towels clean, they also deodorize restrooms by leaving behind a fresh, cool minty fragrance. They also apply a thin layer of bacteria onto surfaces which digest any odor-producing organic waste. SEI Restroom Cleaning Towels are safe for use on various surfaces including:

• sinks • toilets • shower tiles • counter tops • glass doors • grout • chrome • terrazo

Features and Benefits:

  • cleans, deodorizes and eliminates odors at their source
  • eliminates scale, uric acid deposits and hard-water stains
  • cool mint fragrance deodorizes and freshens restrooms
  • bacteria digest odor-causing organic waste
  • simply tear a towel from canister and wipe down surfaces

Restroom Cleaning Towels Product Data Sheet

SEI Chemical Wipes Product Line Brochure

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