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Graffiti Remover Towels




Having trouble with graffiti? For fast, easy clean-up of paint from non-porous surfaces, use SEI GRAFFITI REMOVER TOWELS. These amazing wipes are pre-moistened with an incredible cleaning formula that removes paints (including enamel), ink and even permanent marker. A few swipes with a single SEI GRAFFITI REMOVER TOWEL quickly dissolves away unwanted paint and graffiti. Unlike other graffiti removers, they contain no amyl acetate or methylene chloride, making the towels safe to handle.

Use them on various surfaces including:

bus stops and seats desks wall tile trains lamp posts

phone booths aluminum siding road signs stainless steel

billboards lockers bathroom partitions

SEI GRAFFITI REMOVER TOWELS features and benefits:

  • non-toxic, non-flammable and non-hazardous
  • odorless--no harmful or nausea-inducing fumes
  • environmentally safe and biodegradable formula
  • abrasive yet non-scratching fabric aids in cleaning
  • towels stay moist for greater usage and longer shelf life

Graffiti Remover Towels Product Data Sheet

SEI Chemical Wipes Product Line Brochure

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