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Sealants Meet Nanotechnology

SEI's line of sealers utilizes raw materials from fluoropolymers to hybrid urethane-acrylics to silane-siloxane emulsions and they incorporate a variety of additives from nano-ceramics to nitrogen-cured silicones. Our line of High-performance Sealers will meet your performance, environmental, budgetary and regulatory specifications.

SEI sealers utilize proprietary coupling agent technology that allows these products to perform on all organic and inorganic substrates. 

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CAUTION - California Compliancy:

Certain coating and chemical products meet AQMD rule 1113 Architectural Coatings, Rule 1107 Coating of Metal Parts and Products and Rule 1145 Plastic, Rubber, Leather and Glass Coatings.  It is the consumer’s responsibility to know what regulation is applicable on a product and geographic basis. If you are not sure please contact customer service.  See Company Polices.


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