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Mold Resistant Coatings

Mold Protection for Builders & Building Materials

Mold Proofer® Construction Spray

Protect Your Building Materials
Black Mold

SMP-80 Mold Proofer Construction Spray is a water-based, nanotechnological sealer that incorporates a unique zero VOC, EPA registered, 100% inert and non-toxic microbiocide.  SMP-80 is also a non-leaching and flame retardant sealer that prevents the growth of microbiological life on the film.  This product forms a dehydration cross linked matrix that does not allow any moisture penetration.  This compound mechanically prevents the growth of microbiological life on the film without compromising any environmental considerations.  SMP-80’s nano-structure becomes a robust cross linked coating.  This also provides anti-abrasion and anti-scratch qualities.  The coatings surface is hydrophobic and a water detergent cleaning solution will not remove the film.  Abrasion can eventually harm the film, but due to the crosslink density, coupled with a covalent bond with the substrate, the SMP-80 becomes ones with the structure. SMP-80 also acts as a bonding agent and ensures topcoat adhesion.   SMP-80 exceeded the performance requirements of the following microbiological resistant tests: ASTM D5590, D3273, D3274. 

Test reports available upon request.

SMP-80 can be used on any new or existing building material before, during or after installation.  SMP-80 can be applied to lumber, particle board, walls, ceil­ings, sub floors, ductwork, wood, drywall and mineral substrates.  SMP-80 provides outstanding sealing and antimicrobial characteristics on the film.

  • Ultimate microbiological resistance on the coating film
  • Non-leaching and non-toxic
  • Excellent longevity
  • Excellent durability, substrate and topcoat adhesion
  • Bonds to organic and inorganic surfaces                 
  • Superior moisture prevention
  • Breathable and paintable
  • Dry time: 30min. to 2 hours depending on humidity and temperature
  • Typical coverage: 800-1000 sq. ft. per gallon.
  • AQMD and VOC compliant


Removal of any microbiological life prior to application is crucial.  Mix before use and keep product uniform.  May be brushed, rolled, sprayed or fogged.  Saturate surface to be treated thoroughly.  Apply a second coat if needed.  Recoating can be wet on wet, wet on dry, and even days or weeks apart.  If a coated surface encounters rain it will not remove the coating.  SMP-80 can be applied onto a wet substrate as it is a water based system.  Application to open studs and framing is less efficient than application in a controlled OEM environment.  For field applications, assume approximately a 40% conversion when using a quality electric or airless sprayer.  Using a Hudson or pump sprayer would tend to yield an even lower conversion and allows for a less uniform treatment.  Two coats should be applied in this environment.  Application should be carried out by senior and/or responsible and conscious individuals who understand the importance of coverage and spray uniformity.  Never thin the product down.  Clean tools and hands with warm soapy water and rinse thoroughly. 


1-gal, 5-gal, 55-gal, 278-gal tote

Coverage and product uniformity must be in strict accordance with SEI Chemical, Inc.’s specification as results may vary.

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