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Mold Preventative Coating on the Film with Unmatched Durability



SMP-199 is a solventless, non-hazardous, two-component modified ester epoxy with impregnated Kevlar designed for heavy duty protection in very harsh conditions.  SMP-199 prevents the gowth of all microbiologicla life on the film.  SMP-199 uses a proprietary ester that causes the Kevlar filaments to migrate into the substrate.  This migrational action enables high end adhesion deep within the substrate even in the presence of water, brines, microbiological life, chemicals and corrosion. SMP-199 provides long-term protection with abrasion, impact, chemical and corrosion resistance.



Under water, industrial, commercial, tank liner, high humidity architectural.  Use in areas affected by corrosion as this coating can be applied direct to metal. All steel structures above or below water lines. SMP-199 can also be used direct over concrete above or below water lines. Protective coating for surfaces exposed to high abrasion and wear. Reinforcing and repairing concrete structures. SMP-199 is can also be used as a marine coating over wood, fiberglass or metal.


Technical Advantages

Non-hazardous, solventless, non-corrosive and nonflammable. Kevlar reinforcement imparts tremendous wear, impact and abrasion resistance. Field-friendly – mix ratio tolerance and long storage life, combined with surface/moisture tolerance gives a truly field-friendly product. Primerless and high-build protection. Product can be applied above or below water without amine blush. Good tolerance of low temperatures. High-end chemical resistance, including 70% sulphuric acid.


Heavy-duty coating with a brushable viscosity for easier application. Convenient 1:1 mix ratio. Product has excellent sag resistance on vertical surfaces – up to 800 microns @ 25oC. Solventless means product can be applied in confined spaces with no need for ventilation equipment. Long shelf life – 100% solids gives an indefinite shelf life.


Technical Information

  • Vehicle Type: 2-pack epoxy/polyamine.
  • Color:  Grey.
  • Finish:  Glossy
  • Cleaner:  MEK, Acetone, Methylated Spirits.
  • Mix Ratio:  1:1
  • Pack Size:  4 (1.05-gal) or 14L (3.69-gal).
  • Solids: 100%


(ASTM D451/ISO 4624)

  • Concrete - Wet - Substrate Failure
  • Dry - Substrate Failure
  • Steel - Wet - >2700 psi
  • Dry - >2600 psi

Surface Preparation

(Refer to 1700 series application notes before proceeding)

New Concrete - should be left for 28 days (min) before coating. Weak surface laitance must be removed by water blasting, acid etching or abrasive sweeping.

Existing Concrete (coated or bare) - sound surfaces should be well cleaned by degreasing, water blasting or grit blasting. Small areas cleaned by grinder; not practical for large areas.

Can be applied over existing well-adhered, abraded, clean coatings.

Metal - high pressure water blasting, abrasive blasting or grinding. Can be applied over tight rust.

Underwater - remove marine growth/rust by high pressure water/abrasive blasting or grinding.

Mixing & Application

Mix product at the stated ratio of 1:1. Add cure to base and mix with a power agitator until a consistent appearance/color is obtained.

Brush - Effective for small areas. Can achieve thicknesses ranging from 600 – 800 microns in single coat. Trowel/Spatula - Effective for medium-sized areas.  Can achieve thicknesses ranging from 600 – 800 microns in single coat.



The actual coverage will depend on the substrate characteristics and condition. The theoretical yields for a 600-micron film (recommended) are:

  • 4L (1.05-gal) kit @ 1.66sq.m/L – 6.66sq.m (71.6 sq./ft)
  • 14L (3.69-gal) kit @ 1.66sq.m/L – 23.33sq.m (251.12 sq./ft)


Pot Life, Set Times and Re-coat Times







Pot Life

90 min

45 min

25 min

Set - Dry to Touch

12 hrs

6 hrs

3 hrs

Set - Hard Film

30 hrs

15 hrs

8 hrs

Re-coat (min.)

30 hrs

15 hrs

8 hrs

Re-coat (max)

70 hrs

36 hrs

20 hrs

Full Cure

14 days

7 days

4 days



Product Characteristics

SMp-199 has thixotropic properties, which give the wet film excellent sag resistance for application onto vertical surfaces. In underwater applications for corrosion protection, the minimum film thickness is recommended to be 800 microns.  Product will be difficult to brush at temperatures below 15C. SMP-199 should not be applied in temperatures lower than 5C. Consistent with all epoxies, SMP-199 will tend to chalk and discolor upon extended exterior exposure. This doesn’t detract from coating performance.













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