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-Mold Prevention-

The Mold Proofer®

SMP-100 Mold Proofer Paint

                               Before                                                        After

The SMP-100 Mold Proofer Paint prevents the growth of microorganisms on the film.  This nanotechnological coating incorporates a proprietary zero VOC EPA registered antimicrobial.  This leading edge product forms a dehydration matrix that prevents moisture penetration and the growth of microbiological life on the coatings film without compromising any environmental considerations.  SMP-100 was formulated with intense stain-blocking and odor encapsulating additives.  SMP-100 is used on new building materials and in existing buildings. SMP-100 can be applied to walls, ceilings, sub floors, ductwork, wood, drywall, etc. SMP-100 can be used as a primer or top coat and should be used over decontaminated surfaces to hide stains that cannot be removed.  This unique four in one product encapsulates odors, inhibits the growth of microorganisms on the film, acts as a stain-blocker and prevents moisture intrusion. 

Microbiological Certification: ASTM D5590, D3273, D3274

Odor Encapsulating

SMP-100's odor encapsulate counteracts and aids in deodorizing and eliminating odors.   SMP-100 provides a fluent paint-like film on interior and exterior surfaces and is sandable and recoatable without noxious odors associated with competing products.  


Performance Characteristics

  • Ultimate mold, fungus, mildew resistance on the film.
  • Designed to provide a uniform primer or can be left as the top coat
  • Features phenomenal hiding and enamel holdout.
  • Nanotechnology provides excellent durability and adhesion.
  • Provides protection and penetration of water.
  • Seals water extractives and tannins in redwood and cedar.


Finish: Flat

Dry Time - 1 hour. Recoat - 2 hours

Coverage: 250-350 sq. ft. per gallon.

VOC & AQMD Compliant


Apply when air and surface temperatures are 50º F (10º C) or higher.

Product can be brush, roll or spray applied.

Airless Spray:  Airless Electric 1 GPM @2500 PSI or Air Operated 30:1 ratio 2 GPM, 11.4 CFM or larger; Gun Any type with trigger safety and 3000 PSI working pressure; Fluid

Pressure - 2250 PSI; Tip - .018 Orifice; Filter- None.

Packaging & Storage

1-gal, 5-gal, 55-gal and 275-gal totes


Mold Proofer MSDS (Password protected)

(You will need Adobe's free Acrobat Reader to view these files.)

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