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Wood Stain Seal


The Wood Stain Seal series is a unique and highly versatile sealer.  SCS-100 is designed to penetrate, chemically bond and build a durable film that breaths.  The SCS-100 will chemically bond to inorganic and organic materials but in applications where durability is central due to high foot traffic, the SCS-100 offers unparalleled protection.  SCS-100 is constructed with a novel film building resin that is permeable, a nano-particulate for increase penetration, durability and longevity and a migrational additive that allows this sealer to be applied to wet substrates. 

Cellulose is the chief constituent of the cell walls of all plants and the SCS-100 penetrates at the molecular level and chemically seals the cellulose chain.   This leading-edge sealer can be applied to wet or dry organic substrates. This product provides a level of water-repellency and UV protection beyond conventional wood treatments.  SCS-100 can be applied 1-2 hours after rain or surface washing because of the products unique hydrophilic migrational resin system that uses moisture to penetrate and level out. The result is a premium and easy to apply exterior wood finish that delivers true long-term performance.


Depending on location, foot traffic and environmental conditions the SCS-100 can last up to ten years.  For warranted application SCS-100 must be applied with an approved applicator.  This product shows no deterioration after 500 hours in a QUV which is equivalent to approximately 5 years exposure in normal working conditions.  Heavy snow fall, ice build up, multiple freeze thaw cycles, foot traffic and pooling water will shorten this coatings life span.


300-400 sq. ft per gal on smooth surfaces

150-250 sq. ft per gal on rough surfaces

These rates will vary depending upon the moisture content and porosity of the surface.


This product is in compliance with VOC requirements under Consumer Products regulations. Cleanup and Disposal: Clean brushes and equipment with warm water and soap or detergent. Dispose of empty cans or unused portion in accordance with local, state, and federal regulations. Close container when not in use.


Shake before use and stir occasionally during use. If a project requires more than one container, blend all containers together. Apply with polyester, bristle brush, pad, roller or professional spray equipment.

Rolling & Spraying:

Always back-brush immediately to ensure uniformity.  Start at one edge and follow through to the end of the boards to avoid lap marks. The appearance of this finish will vary depending upon the porosity and color of the wood surface.

Spray Application:

Recommended tip sizes and adjustments for spray application are 0.013”- 0.015” at 1000-1500 PSI with a fan width of 5-8 inches.  When using HVLP spray equipment, see manual for proper set-up instructions. If you must spray, always back-brush immediately after each section is coated to ensure proper penetration.

SCS Sealers must be checked after 12-18 months to ensure the film integrity is intact.


5-gal pail

*For information on Approved Applicators please contact SEI Chemical: info@seichemical.com



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