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Anti-mold additive


MD-1000 Water-Base

MD-1000 Mold Proofer Additive is migrational and it cross-links within a coating system. This cross-linking forms a dehydration matrix that does not allow moisture to penetrate.  This EPA registered antimicrobial additive prevents a wide variety of molds, fungi and bacterias. It can be used in any interior or exterior products including: paint, coating, wax, stain, preservative, wallpaper paste, water for spraying lumber or any coating used to protect any substrate where microbiological life can grow.  The treated product and surface will continually eliminate and prevent all microbiological life forms including airborne spores.



  • EPA Registered
  • Forms a dehydration matrix within the coating system
  • Long-term effectiveness
  • V.O.C. and AQMD compliant
  • No metals or poisons such as mercury, arsenic, tin or synthetic or any other heavy metal
  • Environmentally safe, No odor, Non-yellowing


MD-1000 can be used on the inside and outside of numerous structures including homes, roofs, decks, fences, patios, outdoor furniture, gazebos, sheds, barns, cottages, office buildings, apartment complexes, log homes, cottages, basements,  garages, under buildings, warehouses, hospitals, dog runs, kennels, aviaries, stables and schools.   In addition, it can be applied in food and non-food areas of restaurants, hotels, jails, hospitals, cafeterias, kitchens, bathrooms, shower houses, laundry rooms, backsplashes, soffits and skirtings.  Also use on boats and other marine applications.  


Building Materials:

Treated or untreated wood and wood products, tile, fiberglass, concrete, brick, stucco, masonry, stone, logs, vinyl and metal.  Also use to treat log homes during construction and use in the final coating process of any structure.



The MD-1000 can be mixed with any paint, coating, wax, stain, sealant or preservative and will not affect the spreadability, color, finish, appearance, sheen, texture, luster, performance or drying time of the paint it is mixed with.

*This product is not for sale in the State of California as an end-user product.


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