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Anti-Graffiti Coating

Single component, self-crosslinking, water-based, non-sacrificial,

non-whitening, non-yellowing, flat or gloss and unparalleled protection

Graffiti Proofer

GPC-102 Water Base

GPC-102 is a very unique self crosslinking, one component, water-based and breathable coating designed for protection against a wide variety of paints, markers, graffiti and other types of vandalism. This product has tremendous UV, chemical, abrasion and graffiti resistance with no odor. GPC-102 exhibits fast dry properties and recoat times and can be used in both interior and exterior applications. GPC-102 is nondarkening, non-yellowing, non-whitening and nonflammable. GPC-102 is VOC and AQMD compliant and is non-toxic. GPC-102 has excellent adhesion to a wide variety of substrates including hard to adhere plastics. GPC-102 has great film hardness, abrasion resistance and flexibility. It has demonstrated better gloss and color retention than SSPC standards under extended weathering testing as specified in ASTM G23.  GPC-102 is designed to provide excellent performance over a wide range of substrates and applications. GPC-102 can withstand very demanding environments, while maintaining its appearance and being user and environmentally safe. For exterior applications, we recommend use of an appropriate primer sealer or undercoating.



Use a brush, roller, airless spray, air assist airless or conventional spray methods. Apply to a surface that is clean, dry, and free of any grease, oil, wax, or dust. Hand tool clean loose paint, rust or other foreign material. Test patch all surfaces prior to full application. May be applied unthinned or reduced with a small amount of water not to exceed 15% depending on application method and substrate porosity.

240 square feet @ 2Mil

Dry-to-touch: 8 minutes; Dry-to-handle: 13 minutes; Re-coat: 29 minutes, Full Cure 4-5 days

Mix thoroughly before use.


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