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Anti-graffiti Coating


The next generation of nanotechnological non-stick protective resin is here. The GPA-400 is a non-stick coating with leading-edge durability, hardness and chemical resistance.  GPA-400 is single component, water-clear, UV stable, heat stable and the product is dry to the touch in 2 hours .  The GPA-400’s resin is a hybrid consisting of a patented methyl extended siloxane diol that is coupled with a unique nano-ceramic particulate that together provide both leading-edge durability and an astonishing high slip coefficient.  

The GPA-400 does not allow paint, graffiti, permanent marker, stickers, gum, road tar, cement and other markings or environmental contaminants to bond to the dry film.   This product is environmentally friendly, non-reactive, VOC, AQMD and CARB compliant. 

Check with SEI for a certified applicator in your area.

GPA-400 exceeded the performance requirements

for ASTM D6578 Graffiti Resistance Test.


  • Non-sacrificial, non-yellowing and clear
  • Non-stick characteristics
  • Single component
  • Extensive coverage rates
  • Can be applied to horizontal, vertical and wear surfaces
  • Hardness: 6H ASTM D3363 on chrome treated aluminum
  • Adhesion: 90 – 100 % ASTM D3359 on chromated aluminum
  • Chemical Resistance: MEK, Acetone, Brake Fluid, and organic solvents
  • UV Stability: Excellent

The GPA-400 is applied in 1 coat - recommended thickness is 14-150 Microns dry depending on application and substrate.  The GPA-400 covers more square footage than any anti-graffiti coating on the market today.


Apply the coating only when the surface temperature is more than 5F or 3C above the dew point temperature of the surrounding air and relative humidity is below 85%, in order to prevent moisture condensation on the surface. Always apply test area before proceeding with entire application. The surface is to be clean and free of any foreign matter.  Product must be applied to a dry surface. Always apply to a test area before proceeding with entire application. Surface must be corrosion free at the molecular level although sanding may be sufficient a chemical cleaning and corrosion removal is recommended. Any existing corrosion may continue to propagate when coated that can lead to a coating failure in due course.

Concrete: Concrete temperature must be at least 60F (16C) during the coating application.  Blast areas to be coated using sharp, angular abrasive grit. All surfaces are to be vacuumed or blown-down with oil-free, moisture-free air.  Use steel shot of SAE 230-330 to prepare surface using a “Blastrac®” or similar device. The operator of this device should be experienced; concrete can be damaged by holding in one localized for extended times or using shot of improper size. The concrete surface shall be finished with a rough edge, free of chemical or environmental contamination, dry, clean of loose debris and of adequate surface strength.  Neutralize acidic and alkaline surfaces, remove grease, standing oil, old coatings, sealants and dirt. SCS-002 Sp Sealer Prime is an approved sealer to be used as a primer for the GPA-400.


  • A dry soft light abrasive material.
  • Pressure washing under 1200 psi - Over 1000 psi may damage coating.
  • Water and detergent at no more than 10%
  • TWL-200 Graffiti Remover Towels
  • GR-SYS Graffiti Remover SYS
  • Any light alkaline, citrus, acetone cleaner. 
     Surface                                                      Sq. Ft. per gallon

Exterior Brick                                               350-400

Concrete                                                      500-600

Concrete Block                                            400-450

Stucco                                                          350-400

Smooth Stone                                               550-600

Surfaces subject to abrasion (decks

bridges, etc.)                                                 500-600

Rough Wood                                                 400-450

Smooth Wood                                               500-550

Wood Shingles                                              350-400             

Metal(s)                                                          700-800

Smooth Painted                                             700-750

Rough Painted                                               600-650

Graffiti Proofer is a registered trademark of SEI Chemical



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