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Graffiti Proofer®

GPA-300 Non-Stick Coating

The Graffiti Proofer is a significant technological development and the is the most advanced anti-graffiti technology on the market today by far. It delivers true non-stick and permanent protection. It is also the first time an anti-graffiti coating has been aerosolized.   The GPA-300 is clear, UV stable, chemical resistant, abrasion resistant and non-stick coating.  The Graffiti Proofer does not allow anything to stick to it period, including paint, graffiti, permanent marker, stickers and adhesives.

Exceeded the requirements of ASTM 6578 Graffiti Resistance Test

      Graffiti Removal on Concrete                   


Graffiti can be removed with a dry cloth, tapes or any alkaline or citrus cleaner.  This is the first anti-graffiti coating that is sprayed out of an aerosol can. This is also the first single component non-stick anti-graffiti coating on the market. 

The Graffiti Proofer is water-clear, permanent and leading-edge non-stick coating. This product forms mechanical and chemical bonds to inorganic and organic substrates making it universal in its application.  The Graffiti Proofer incorporates a unique nanotechnological polymer that both penetrates the structure and builds a durable non-stick and chemical proof film. This product has been tested in a wide variety of climates and shows no deterioration from ultraviolet rays, ozone, salt spray or acid rain.  The Graffiti Proofer allows for expansion and contraction, building movement, temperature extremes and thermal cycling. 

This product is non-toxic, environmentally friendly, non-reactive, VOC and AQMD compliant.  This product is packaged in aerosol and bulk packaging.

  • Non-stick characteristics
  • Non-sacrificial, non-yellowing and clear
  • Packaged in bulk and aerosol
  • Allows expansion and contraction
  • Can be applied to horizontal, vertical and wear surfaces
  • Not affected by temperatures between -57.12C (-70F) to +206.08C (+40F)


Surface Preparation:

The surface is to be clean and free of any foreign matter.  Apply the Graffiti Proofer to any surface or substrate.  Some porous substrates may require more than one coat. 

The product may be applied at 40°F and above and as long as there is no frozen moisture in the substrate.  Product must be applied to a dry surface. Always apply test area before proceeding with entire application.

  • Mix or shake product before application.
  • Apply your first application of the product with an airless sprayer, pump sprayer, aerosol can, roller or brush.  Use a flood coat and apply liberally.
  • Allow the first coat of the Graffiti Proofer to cure for approximately 1 hour in ambient conditions.
  • A single coat may be sufficient but a second or third coat can be applied depending on your application, substrate or requirements.

 Graffiti Removal:

Remove graffiti as soon as possible after surface has been vandalized.

Success has been achieved by using:

  • A dry paper towel or dry soft light abrasive material. 
  • The TWL-200 Graffiti Remover Towels can also be used as they have no chemical or mechanical effect on the Graffiti Proofer.
  • Pressure washing under 1000psi - Pressure over 1000 psi may threaten the integrity of the coating
  • Any light alkaline or citrus cleaner.  Make sure to flush the coating with water after chemical cleaning to ensure the integrity of the coating.  Always test chemical cleaners before moving into a full application.


Surface                                                                          Sq. ft. per Gallon

Exterior Brick                                                                            60-80

Concrete                                                                                   80

Concrete Block                                                                         80-100

Stucco                                                                                       70-90

Smooth Stone                                                                           100-125

Rough Wood                                                                             70-90

Smooth Wood                                                                           100-120

Wood Shingles                                                                          70-90     

Metal(s)                                                                                     150-300

Smooth Painted                                                                        100-150

Rough Painted                                                                           150-175


Graffiti Proofer is a registered trade mark of SEI Chemical.


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