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Concrete Curing Agent Concentrate

GCC-300C Solvent Base

Construction projects demand curing system that is ASTM approved and meets VOC requirements, is easy to apply, quick drying and cost competitive.  Meeting these needs was the driving force behind the development of the GCC-300C curing compound. GCC-300C is blended with at a 4:1 ratio solvent to resin.  GCC-300C provides for the complete development of concrete's wear resistance and strength properties while lowering concrete's temperature.  GCC-300C will not discolor the concrete nor affect the bonding of other finishes applied there over.  GCC-300C is available in a wide range of packing options to meet the varying needs of today's projects.



  • Provides for complete development of concrete's wear resistance and strength properties
  • Prevents efflorescence, dusting and spalling
  • Low moisture transmission rates


Apply GCC-300 finished product as soon as possible after the concrete receives its final finishing, just as the water sheen disappears.  Thoroughly mix GCC-300C by air or mechanical methods before use to ensure best results and ease of application.  Apply by brush, roller or sprayer; however, application by sprayer is preferred.  The sprayer should generate at least 40 psi (275 kPa) and spray 1/2 gallon (2 L) of material per minute. Apply at 200 sq.ft./gal. (5.0 m2/L) or less depending on the method of application or specification requirement.  Contact SEI Chemical or your distributor for assistance in product application techniques. Coat uniformly – leave no gaps. To clean equipment: Mineral spirits



GCC-300C is a premium hydrocarbon 100% resin based curing compound that is easily applied and dries quickly to a uniform film.  SEI introduced GCC-300C to offer contractors the performance of a resin-based products at cost levels associated with hard to use wax base cures.  The product is ideal for use on projects where a wax-based product would be used only for cost reasons.  GCC-300C resists moisture loss to the lowest levels to ensure the concrete reaches maximum hardness, wear resistance and strength properties.  Meets the requirements of ASTM C-309 Type II Class A&B, AASHTO M-148 Type II, FAA, VOC requirements.



GCC-300C is available in 5-gallon pails 55-gallon drums and 278-gal totes.  One year shelf life.


  • Use of gloves, goggles and other protective clothing is advised when using this product.
  • Use only with adequate ventilation. Use respirators in confined areas.
  • Flash Point: >200º F (93º C), TCC


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