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The EVP-201 is designed to greatly reduce maintenance and cleaning costs of your fleet.  EVP-201 modified siloxane diol with extended methyl groups that chemically do not allow environmental contaminants, graffiti, tar, asphalt, cement, concrete or chemicals to adhere or penetrate.  Further, this coating incorporates a nano-particulate that builds high-end abrasion and impact resistance. EVP-201 exhibits unsurpassed performance and physical properties and will prevent corrosion, moisture intrusion and UV attack.  The EVP-201 coating cures to a hard and non-stick surface, making it impervious to harsh environments.  This self-cleaning coating will eliminate the need for detergents, acids and solvent based products commonly used to clean industrial vehicles and equipment.  EVP-201 is a clear coat that encapsulates underlying coatings and prevents UV fading and damage.  EVP-201 is single component coating that exhibits outstanding performance properties, compared to higher build, multi-coat premium and costly systems.


A high performance, inert topcoat system designed to overcoat virtually any industrial surface.  EVP-201 is ideal for truck fleets, trains, redi-mix concrete trucks and haulers, commercial fleets, industrial equipment, heavy construction equipment, metals and is used in architectural applications. It provides a high quality finish, and offers exceptional all around performance with an expected life span exceeding 20 years. 

  • Outstanding Hydrophobic and Oleophobic surface properties
  • Impervious to moisture, oxygen permeation (Osmotic barrier) and UV radiation
  • Outstanding impact and abrasion resistance
  • Low surface energy which resists soiling and marking
  • Highly resistant to attack by hydrocarbons and chemical products


For optimum appearance properties, EVP-201 should be spray applied in two coats thin coats to a maximum of 40 microns DFT. Always allow the first coat to flash off to a tacked state prior to a following coat. Apply the second coat 15-25 minutes after the first wet on wet.  EVP-201 must be spray applied unreduced to the recommended DFT to vertical surfaces only.  EVP coatings must not be applied to surfaces at ambient temperatures above 35C/95F. For optimum application properties, the temperature of the material should be between 10C and 25C / 50F and 80F prior to mixing and application. Apply the coating only when the surface temperature is more than 50F or 30C above the dew point temperature of the surrounding air and relative humidity is below 85%, in order to prevent moisture condensation on the surface.


Solids content (+/- 2%) 30% by volume

Number of Coats 1-2 coats at 40 microns / 2 mils DFT

Coverage (theoretical) 700-1000 sq. ft. per gal.


Dry time @ 21C / 70F ambient air cure. Tack free: 1-3 Hours.

Hard Cure: 24 hours.

Full Cure: 3-5 days.

Elevated Curing: 400C - 600C / 1050F - 1400F for 40 minutes

Packaging: 5-gal, 55-gal


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