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Corrosion Preventive Coating

Long-term, Corrosion preventative, UV, Chemical,

Abrasion, Impact, Weathering, 1K, Clear

Corrosion Proofer


CPT-303 is a high-end corrosion preventative clear coating that comes in a solvent based and water based format.  These coatings utilizes break through self crosslinking technology. CPT-303 has great bonding characteristics useful for a variety of metal substrates. CPT-303 is a great replacement for oil based rust preventives and is heat stable. CPT-303 can be top coated with paints and primers without removal. When used in conjunction with other coatings, this product can extend the life of a metal surface significantly. CPT-303 offers unprecedented advancement in outdoor corrosion protection. It successfully provides 24 months of protection in harsh, outdoor unsheltered protection. CPT-303 is weldable, non-toxic and has excellent salt spray and UVresistance. It provides a fast drying, clear coating and a non-flammable protective barrier that allows visual inspection of the metal surface after application.

  • Excellent replacement for chromate treatments.
  • Great adhesion on surfaces that are difficult to adhere to.
  • Outstanding multi-metal protection.
  • Conforms to MIL-P-15328D.
  • Excellent coating for aluminum, galvanized and all ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

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