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Anti-Static Corrosion Preventative Plastic Films

Corrosion Proofer

CPT-680 Anti-Static Corrosion Preventative Film

CPT-680 Corrosion Preventative Anti-Static Plastic Films and Bags are extruded with a high-end modified polymer that exhibits phenomenal elongation and tear strength. CPT-680 films are extruded with CPT technology and anti-static additives.  These films are heat sealable, static dissipative and corrosion preventing. Conforms to MIL-81705C Type II and MIL-B-22019F.  Use during packaging, shipping and storage of sensitive electronic equipment. Available in standard and custom sizes.


Corrosion Proof Anti-Static Plastic Films Product Data Sheet

Corrosion Proof Anti-Static Plastic Films MSDS

Corrosion Prevention Products Brochure

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