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Nanotechnological Industrial Coating


Nanoxraine is a novel and cutting-edge coating technology that exhibits outstanding anti-stick, chemical, abrasion, impact and long-lasting performance properties. This breakthrough defies the basic rules of traditional industrial coatings. This patented and single component technology exhibits pencil hardness and flexibility that has performed any 2K system and has a dry time that is under 2 hours; instead of the traditional 10-12 hours.. Nanoxraine has extraordinary chemical resistance, film durability and can withstand temperature north of 1500F.

The CPT-400 forms both a mechanical and chemical bond to inorganic and organic substrates making it universal in its application. The CPT-400’s resin system is a hybrid consisting of a methyl extended siloxane diol coupled with a unique nano-ceramic particulate that together provide leading-edge performance properties. The CPT-400 does not make any sacrifice in performance, application procedure or dry time. This leading edge coating is impervious to UV degradation, chemical attack, freeze thaw cycles and has a performance life of over thirty years. 

This remarkable coating will provide world-class protection on a wide variety of surfaces including ferrous and non-ferrous metals, glass, plexi-glass, plastics and all other porous and non-porous substrates. CPT-400 is a penetrating non-yellowing, non-whitening and non-toxic product that is VOC and AQMD compliant. This coating exhibits outstanding weathering characteristics and is ideal for immersion service on marine, aerospace, architectural, construction, industrial and automotive equipment. 

Check with SEI for a certified applicator in your area.


  • Hardness: 6H ASTM D3363 on chrome treated aluminum
  • Adhesion: 90 – 100 % ASTM D3359 on chromated aluminum
  • Gloss: 90 @ 60 degrees
  • Chemical Resistance: MEK, H2S, Acetone, Brake Fluid, and organic solvents
  • UV Stability: Excellent
  • Heat stability of 1500F (800C)
  • VOC content: >100 grams per liter
  • Outstanding Hydrophobic and Oleophobic surface properties
  • Outstanding impact and abrasion resistance
  • Phenomenally low surface energy and high slip characteristics
  • Highly resistant to attack by hydrocarbons and chemical products
  • Completely insensitive to UV radiation


Apply the coating only when the surface temperature is more than 5F or 3C above the dew point temperature of the surrounding air and relative humidity is below 85%, in order to prevent moisture condensation on the surface. Always apply test area before proceeding with entire application. The surface is to be clean and free of any foreign matter. Surface must be corrosion free at the molecular level although sanding may be sufficient a chemical cleaning and corrosion removal is recommended.  Any existing corrosion may continue to propagate when coated that can lead to a coating failure in due course. The CPT-400 is applied in 1 coat - recommended thickness is 14-150 Microns dry depending on application and substrate. Product must be applied to a dry surface. Always apply to a test area before proceeding with entire application.


CPT-400 exhibits excellent opacity, coverage and leveling when spray applied. 

Apply CPT-400 at 600-800 sq/ft per gallon.


Clean tools immediately after use with acetone or mineral spirits. Solvent cleaning can be followed by a wash with soapy water. Cured material cannot be removed with solvent. Proper clean up of equipment is essential. Storage Life: Minimum of 1 year for unopened containers. Product must be used six months after purchase.

Pot Life: Usable life will be determined by the precautions taken to keep containers tightly sealed and protected from moisture. Disposal: Incinerate at a facility that is permitted for waste disposal. Must be stored and handled in compliance with all current local regulations for flammable liquids. Store in cool, dry, well ventilated (5C-35C / 40F-95F) areas, out of direct sunlight and moisture.


16oz Aerosol, 1-gal pail, 5-gal pail, 55-gal drum, 278-gal tote



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