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For Potable Water

Corrosion Proofer

CPT-324 Polyaspartic Coating

CPT-324 is a high performance, 99% solids, low VOC, two-component, CPT infused aliphatic polyaspartic membrane coating. CPT-324 incorporates a leading-edge antimicrobial additive package with a patented delivery process resulting in unmatched efficacy and safety for consumer, medical and industrial applications. Our additive package is approved for use for in internal or food grade applications. Designed for immersion applications, CPT-324 is well suited to a variety of industrial, marine, tank internal and OEM applications, CPT-324 is a new evolution in coating technology allowing medium to high build applications for both non-immersion and immersion applications. CPT-324 has built in CPT corrosion protection as well as excellent UV stability allowing it to maintain excellent color and gloss retention.  Improved UV stability, chemical resistance, lower permeability, hydrophobic and oleophobic surface properties are a few on the enhancements found in CPT-324. Ultra low VOC's, low odor, fast dry characteristics and physical properties make CPT-324 an environmentally friendly and more cost effective alternative to convention finishes. CPT-324 may be used for applications such as bridges, offshore marine structures, bilge linings, public swimming pools, railcar immersion linings and tank linings. CPT-324 offers an enhanced world class performance through cutting-edge polyaspartic technology and our proprietary fluorinated polymer.



Suitable for water tank lining applications

Ultra high solids, Low odor, Ultra low VOC's (<70 grams/liter)

High build to any thickness in one application

Excellent wetting into substrate for smoother finish

Easy to apply with plural component spray equipment without preheating

Direct to metal or concrete



Plural component airless system with inline mix ratio of 2:1 is recommended. No reduction is required. An airless pump system may be used when mixing prior to use. Tip size recommended .030"-.035". Product may be applied with a natural bristle brush or short nap roller (5 mm nap).


Mix Ratio: 2:1 (2 parts base to 1 part activator)

Reducer: No reduction is required

Two component aliphatic polyaspartic designed for application with plural component equipment or airless spray systems.


To Touch: 1 hour, To Handle: 2 1/2 hours, Immersion: 72 hours

Pot Life is 50 minutes (< 2 hours) when mixed for airless spray application. Use of a plural component system using and in-line mixer with a ratio of 2:1 is recommended to produce best results.



Gloss - > 85-90+ / 600

Suitable substrates include ferrous metal, galvanized metal, aluminum, fiberglass, carbon fiber, concrete, wood, etc. Good surface preparation and cleaning of all substrates to be coated is essential for optimum performance of the coating system. All surfaces to be coated should be clean, dry and free from contaminants. For old or previously finished surfaces, the degree of preparation and cleaning required is dependent upon the condition of the substrate.


A high build, two component Fluorinated Aliphatic Polyaspartic that can be applied to any thickness in a single application.

Solids content (+/- 2%) 95% by volume

Number of Coats 1 coat at 125 microns / 5 mils D FT minimum

Coverage (theoretical): 305 ft2 per gallon @ 125 microns / 5 mils D FT - 7.6 m2 per litre @ 125 microns / 5 mil D FT



Hazardous Goods: Paint, Flammable Liquid, UN1263 Class III Hazchem 3YE

Shipping Information: 14 lbs per gallon/1.68 kg per liter

VOC content: 70 grams per liter (.58 lbs per US gallon)

Flash Point (Seta Flash) : >2000F (94OC)

Storage - coatings must be stored and handled in compliance with all current local regulations applying to flammable or highly flammable liquids. Store in cool, dry, protected storage, well ventilated, between 50C-35C / 40F-95F and out of direct sunlight, moisture or rain. Maintain unmixed material in sealed containers at all times.

Shelf Life - Minimum shelf life of 12 months from the date of manufacture if stored as indicated above, unopened in sealed containers. Ensure both components are consistent in appearance and thickness after stirring. Component B is extremely sensitive to moisture and should be kept sealed when not in use. D o not use an activator that is not clear in color.



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