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Epoxy Corrosion Prevention

Corrosion Proofer

CPT-317 Epoxy Primer

CPT-317 is a CPT infused two component, high performance Epoxy Polyamide Primer recommended for use as an intermediate/undercoat for CPT ® and conventional topcoats. It is designed for application to properly prepared or sandblasted steel, aluminum, or fiberglass and is suitable for interior or exterior surfaces. The Epoxy Polyamide Primer is formulated to provide a hard, durable, chemically resistant, nonporous coating for application of subsequent high performance finish coats, such as the CPT ® line of topcoats. The primer meets all current VOC requirements and is lead free. It also meets the requirements of MIL-P-24441B Type IV.


Spray application is preferred for proper film build and best performance. Brush application is acceptable for touch up. Roller application is acceptable for touch up. Roller application may require special care to prevent bubbling and may require more than one coat to attain proper film thickness. Apply at 5.2 mils wet film thickness to achieve 3.0 mils dry film thickness, unthinned.  Apply in good weather when air and surface temperature are above 50F and surface temperature is at least 50F above the dew point. For optimum application properties, material should be between 70F to 100F prior to mixing and application. Maintain unmixed material in closed containers in protected storage at 40F to 100F. Conventional Spray - De Vilbiss MBC gun with E tip and 30 air cap or equal at 40-60 psi atomizing pressure and 10-25 psi pot pressure, 3/8" I D product fluid hose, double regulated pressure pot with oil and moisture separator. Airless Spray - Minimum of 30:1 ratio pump, 0.015" to 0.019" tip, 3/8" I D Teflon material fluid hose.  Note: During breaks or any period of work stoppage, material should be removed from hoses and equipment. Release pressure from equipment and flush hoses and equipment with blended thinner, MEK, MIBK or Xylene. Do not repressurize equipment until ready to resume work. Clean all equipment immediately after use with blended thinner, MEK, MIBK or Xylene. Completely flush all spray equipment with this solvent. Occasional flushing of spray equipment during the course on the workingday helps prevent buildup and possible clogging.


Mixing ratio 1:1 by volume (1 part base to 1 part activator) Induction: 1/2 hour @ 800F-900F.  1 hour @ 75F, 1 1/2 hours @ 50F-60F. Thinning: Use recommended reducer. This is a two component coating supplied in two containers as a unit. Always mix a complete unit in the proportions supplied. (1) Mix the contents of Component A thoroughly with an agitator. (2) Mix the contents of Component B and mix thoroughly with a power agitator. (3) Combine the entire contents on Component A and Component B and mix thoroughly with a power agitator. Allow 1 hour induction time @ 70F before using the coating. Usable pot life depends on the temperature of the material. Refer to Pot Life section. Agitate before use. Occasional stirring during use is suggested.

Pot Life

6 Hours @ 24C / 75F However, these times may vary with environmental or climatic conditions

Curing: Dry Time @ 24C / 75F ambient air cure, dry to touch: 2 hours, to handle: 8 hours, to recoat: 8 hours min.


Vehicle Type: Epoxy Polyamide. Solids content (+/- 2%): 63.7% by volume. 77.6% by weight. Number of Coats: One only at 75 microns / 3 mils D FT (5.4 mils wet); 2 coats may be applied as required. Coverage (theoretical): 1000 ft2 per gallon @ 25 microns / 1 mil D FT 333 ft2 per gallon @ 75 microns / 3 mils D FT. 24272 Green - Matt Finish - 20 @ 60


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