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Corrosion Prevention, Anti-Stick, Antimicrobial

CPT Technology

Corrosion Proofer

CPT-305 Sprayable Rubber


CPT-305 Sprayable Rubber is a patented, single component and corrosion preventative coating.  CPT-305 has high-end surface properties, as the coating does not let anything adhere to the dry film surface.  CPT-305 incorporates a novel nanoparticulate that bonds to ferrous and non-ferrous surfaces that prevents corrosion and ensures long-term adhesion.  CPT-305 has heat stability to 1200F (600C) and is chemically resistant.  CPT-305 also has natural antimicrobial properties on the dry film. This clear coating is also UV stable and will fully cure in 5-8 hours depending on relative humidity and temperature.

CPT-305 is not a hard film forming coating.  This softer material is designed for short, medium and long-term corrosion prevention and is also used where substrates need to be kept clean and easily maintained.  CPT-305 is chloride and chemical resistant and if the film integrity is ever compromised the product can be reapplied over itself as it adheres to itself but nothing else can adhere to it.

  • Prevents rust and corrosion for long-periods of time in harsh environments
  • Heat stable to 1200F (600C)
  • Self-leveling film
  • Environmentally safe and safe to handle, use and store
  • Can topcoat direct to metal or paints, plastics, wood, textiles, ceramics and rubbers
  • 85g/L VOC


CPT-305 can be applied using HVLP, airless, bug or Hudson sprayer.  CPT-305 can also be applied by brush, roller or dip and is available in aerosol can. Make sure all surfaces are corrosion, hydrocarbon and contaminant free to ensure coating adhesion. CPT-305 will dry to the touch in 2-4 hours and is ready for service in 6-8 hours.  CPT-305 is moisture sensitive; keep container sealed when finished dispensing material.  Pot life can be anywhere from 2 days to 1 year depending on environmental conditions and responsibility of user.  Once used, if the container is resealed the product will be protected and suitable for another time.  If product is white and gel like in the can the product has been contaminated and is not usable.  Clear and free flowing product is desired. Shelf life of unopened material is 1 year.


Direct to metal or over painted surfaces: 200-300 sq. ft. per gal. Direct to rubber: 150-250 sq. ft. per gal. Direct to pourus mineral surfaces, wood or poorly prepared metal or painted surfaces: 100-150 sq. ft. per gal


CPT-305 is available in 1 gallon, 5 gallon, and 20 oz aerosol.

Minimum storage temperature: 32°F (0°C). Maximum storage temperature: 120°F (49°C)

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