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Building Restoration & Cleaning Technology

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Restoring and protecting the beauty and brilliance of our world's infrastructural buildings and historical structures requires products that are both extremely sensitive in cleaning natural building materials and are able to provide further protection.

Our Cleaning & Restoration Technology deposits a unique compound that protects these vulnerable surfaces from further environmental damage or vandalism. Our unique products will remove rust, stains, chalking, efflorescence, atmospheric stains and dirt without etching, pitting or damaging the surface. Our high performing and environmentally safe technologies do not contain bleach, abrasives, caustics, petroleum distillates, muriatic acid or hydrofluoric acid.

The SEI Cleaning & Restoration Technologies contains properties that lower surface tension making cleaning easy and non-aggressive. Our unique sequestering agents help prevent redeposition of any suspended contaminates that aid in protecting these surfaces for years to come. Our technology also utilizes an exceptional optical brightening agent that makes whites and colors brighter.

These products can be used on stone, brick, masonry, unglazed ceramic, porcelain, fiberglass, Formica, plastics, marble (unpolished or unglazed), tile, VAT tile, linoleum, travertine, granite, limestone, sandstone, rock, stucco, terrazzo and terra cotta.

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