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Architectural Restorer


Product Description:

The AR-100 is a heavy-duty cleaning product that can be used to clean and restore a wide variety of surfaces safely and effectively. This product contains properties to lower surface tension, surfactants for emulsification and sequestering agents that help prevent redeposition of any suspended contaminates. This product also contains an optical brightening agent that makes whites whiter and colors brighter.

This product is 100% biodegradable and environmentally friendly. It works equally well in hot or cold water. It does not contain any harsh solvents, phosphates, caustics or acids.


Stone, brick, masonry, ceramic, porcelain, fiberglass, formica, plastics, marble, tile, linoleum or VAT tile.




Apply AR-100 by generously brushing or spraying onto a dry surface from the bottom up. Let stand for 2-7 minutes, depending on surface and contaminates, moderately agitate if need be and then rinse thoroughly. There is no need to mask off any surfaces or to collect wastewater rinse. This product will not damage grass or shrubs because of its biodegradable classification.


  • Green appearance
  • Low citrus odor
  • Non-flammable
  • Non-corrosive
  • Non-caustic
  • pH: 10.0-10.5
  • Non-toxic
  • Coverage is between 150-200 square feet per gallon.
  • Environmentally friendly
  • User safe
  • VOC and AQMD compliant

Architectural Restorer Product Data Sheet

Architectural Restorer MSDS (Password protected)

(You will need Adobe's free Acrobat Reader to view these files.)

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