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Product Data & MSDS

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Mold Proofer® Products

SMP-80 Mold Proofer Construction Spray: Water, low VOC, clear, antimicrobial on film.
SMP-81 Mold Proofer Concrete Curing Agent: Water, low VOC, ASTMc309 curing, antimicrobial on the film for curing concrete.
SMP-82 Mold Proofer Sealer: Water, VOC, antimicrobial clear sealer.
SMP-100 Mold Proofer Paint: Low VOC, water, antimicrobial on the film
SMP-101 Mold Stain Cleaner: Water-based, microbial stain cleaner.
SMP-200 Mold Proofer Fluorobase: Low VOC, 1K, antimicrobial on film
SMP-300 Mold Proofer Roof Coat: Insulative, reflective, low VOC, 1K, antimicrobial membrane
Graffiti Proofer® Products
Data Sheet
GPC-100 Graffiti Proofer Concrete Curing Agent: 0 VOC, release, ASTM c309 approved concrete curing .
GPC-102 Graffiti Proofer Water-Base: Low VOC , semi-sacrificial.
GPC-103 Graffiti Proofer Sacrificial:  Low VOC
GPA-200 Graffiti Proofer Fluorobase:  Low VOC, non-stick, durable.
GPA-300 Graffiti Proofer - Aerosol/Bulk: Low VOC, 100% release.
GPA-400 Graffiti Proofer Nano-Base: Low VOC, 1K, release coating.
GR-SYS Graffiti Remover SYS: Migrational, multi-use and safe.
GR-SYSP Graffiti Remover SYS-P:  Remover for SEI Graffiti Proofers.
TWL-200 Graffiti Removal Towels: Biodegradable, graffiti remover wipes.
Corrosion Proofer® Products
Data Sheet
CPT-100 Rust and corrosion removing compound
CPT-200 Hydrocarbon based corrosion preventive oil coating/additive
CPT-201 Paraffin based dry film forming corrosion preventive coating
CPT-299 Water-based corrosion converting low viscosity coating
CPT-303W VOC Compliant, 1K, Water-based corrosion preventing clear coat
CPT-303S VOC Compliant, 1K, Solvent-based corrosion preventing clear coat
CPT-305 Corrosion preventive and antimicrobial sprayable rubber
CPT-310 Fluoropolyurethane - Single K and Low VOC
CPT-321 High heat and corrosion preventive coating - 1800F
CPT-400 Nanotechnological, hard, thin film corrosion preventive clear
CPT-500 Corrosion preventive powder - For wet and dry
CPT-800 Corrosion preventive degreaser


Data Sheet
SCS-001 Multi-Use Solvent Based Sealer
SCS-002 Multi-Use Water-Based Sealer
SCS-002SP Sealer Prime - Adhesion promoter and highly UV stable
SCS-003 Block Sealer
SCS-004 Sealer Heavy Duty
SCS-100 Wood Stain Seal

Building Restoration Products

Data Sheet
AR-100 Architectural Restorer - Safe multi-use mineral cleaner
AR-101 Heavy Duty Restorer - Safe more aggressive mineral sealer
AR-102 Metal Restorer - Removes oxides, corrosion and contaminants
AR-103 Masonry Rust Remover - Corrosion and rust stain remover
AR-104 Limestone Cleaner - Specifically for natural mineral substrates
AR-105 Efflorescence Remover: Migrational bond breaker

Construction Chemicals

Data Sheet
GCC-100FW Water Based Form Release
GCC-100FRO Oil Based Form Release
GCC-300 ASTM c 309 Concrete Curing Agent
GCC-2250 ASTM c 309 Bridge Deck Curing Agent

Industrial & Marine Coatings

Data Sheet
EVP-200 Exterior Vehicle Protector - 1K Self-cleaning durable clear coat specifically for industrial and construction vehicles
EVP-201 Exterior Vehicle Protector - 1K Self-cleaning durable clear coat specifically for trains and fleet vehicles
ABP-300 100% Solids 2K alloy infused membrane
SHC-500 Marine Coating - Fluoropolyurethane


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