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Corrosion Proofing Products

SEI Chemical's Corrosion Preventative Technology (CPT) provides a high performance, environmentally safe solution to rust and corrosion for a wide variety of applications. SEI's CPT Technology utilizes an active migrational chemistry that incorporates a molecule known as the CPT molecule. This chemistry is 100% environmentally friendly, nontoxic and biodegradable. CPT can be added to a wide variety of industrial, commercial and consumer applications such as paints, coatings, oils, solvents, foams, papers and all types of plastics, enhancing the product?s corrosion preventative characteristics.

Graffiti Proofing Products

SEI Chemical offers a complete line of products to remove graffiti from all kinds of surfaces, as well as surface treatments that prevent graffiti from sticking in the first place.

Mold Removal & Preventative Products

Our Mold Additive line can be incorporated into a wide variety of products and will prevent the growth of mold, mildew, fungi, microorganisms and airborne spores. Our Mold Additives are EPA registered, and can be incorporated into any interior or exterior coating, wax, stain, preservative, wallpaper paste, water for spraying lumber or any coating used to protect any substrate where mold, mildew or fungi has the potential to grow.

Paint & Coating Additives

Whether it's creating an additive that will keep insects away from your home or inventing an additive that will simply reduce a coatings lap marks, we are constantly pushing the envelope and inventing additive technologies that will add significant performance advantages to paints, coatings, sealants and stains. We engineer our additive technologies in a fashion that allows us to leverage and cross market our products for consumer and OEM applications. One can easily incorporate our additives into existing coatings and enhance that products performance without sacrificing any of the products original characteristics.

Towelette Products

SEI Chemical's unique line of wipes allows one to clean, disinfect, sanitize and deodorize all areas of your office, home, school, medical facility, restroom, or kitchen. Our leading-edge environmental chemical formulations have the strength to perform in even the toughest industrial applications. All of our products are biodegradable and consumer safe.

Building Restoration Products

Our Cleaning & Restoration Technology deposits a unique compound that protects vulnerable building surfaces from further environmental damage or vandalism. Our unique products will remove rust, stains, chalking, efflorescence, atmospheric stains and dirt without etching, pitting or damaging the surface. Our high performing and environmentally safe technologies do not contain bleach, abrasives, caustics, petroleum distillates, muriatic acid or hydrofluoric acid.

SEI Sealants

SEI's sealants penetrate the surface of concrete, masonry, wood and painted surfaces creating a water-repelling barrier in the substrate and perpairing the surface for further coating if need be.


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